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12th Man in Northeast Georgia began over 10 years ago out of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.  Since its beginning, it has served area coaches and players in Hart, Elbert, Franklin and Madison Counties.  What began as a small venture in one school has become a ministry that has already touched hundreds of lives.

Hartwell Sun Article about 12th Man

What Area Coaches Say about 12th Man….
I began as the Head Football Coach here at Hart County High School in the spring of 2003.  Getting here was a true act of God.  God new I was coming even though I didn’t.  Long story short after turning the job down 3 times God finally said “TAKE THE JOB”! So I did. One of the first persons I met was Chris Pritchett.  He called to tell me about the 12th man ministry.  I had never heard of such and when he told me all the things they would do I had my doubts.  I mean they wanted to do all the things nobody wants to do, like laundry, setting up the fields, cleaning, all those wonderful things that go with being a high school football coach.  Needless to say when football started he was there in full force.  Every day someone was here to help with practice.  They never asked for anything, they just kept asking what we could do to help.  The first season went by and as a new Head Coach adopting a previous coaching staff; things didn’t always go as planned. So the 12th men and I became good friends, especially Chris.  He became someone I could talk to about stuff, and he would listen.  That’s when it hit me; this is what he said the 12th man ministry was about, being there if and when someone needed them.  That year we began the Thursday devotions with the team.  The more I heard the more impressed I was with Chris and his ministry.  I wanted more for my players.  Most of them don’t know God and now football is their way to meet him.
In the spring of 2004 I experienced the greatest life-changing incident in my life.  My 23-year-old son was in an accident leaving him a c-5, c-6 quadriplegic.  If not for God in my life I would have fallen apart.  Once again Chris and the 12th man ministry were there.  They immediately organized a prayer group where over 200 players and students prayed for my son and family.  He was there at the hospital once again asking what could he do to help.  Needless to say the 2004 football season was a blur and yet it went off without a hitch due to the constant help of the 12th men.  During that season we came up with the helmet decal GGG (Give God the Glory), which each player wore on his helmet.  We also had a Jake award (my sons name), for players going above and beyond on and off the field.  All the 12th men had GGG stickers on there hats and each man truly gave God the glory for everything.  The Thursday devotions continued with an added prayer at the drain (the center point in the locker room for players to meet for team prayer).  Once again Chris and his team of men were there for all of us, never asking for anything except what can we do?
This is my third season and GGG has grown to other sports and along with the 12th man as they have expanded to other sports here at the high school.  This year we have adopted the “Be and 11” concept by Bigger Faster Stronger, the idea of being the best person you can be on and off the field.  When 10 is suppose to be the best, be an 11.  Chris’s Thursday devotions are about being an 11, and each player knows the concept and we pray they put in towards their lives.
In all honesty and 22 years of high school coaching I have never experienced a program like the 12th man ministry.  A lot of people talk the talk but when it comes down to walking the walk many fail.  Chris Pritchett and the 12th man ministry not only talk it and walk it, they pick it up, wash it, clean it and when every thing is said and done they will pray for it.  These men are truly men of integrity, pleasing to God.
We live to Please God,
Coach Joby Scroggs
Head Football Coach (2003-2011)